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(216)BASS Podcast
Bass | Music | Culture
Category: Electronic
Location: Cleveland, Ohio, USA
A Podcast from Cleveland, Ohio, USA, showcasing regional performers across multiple genres of Electronic Dance Music. Email:

by 216BASS
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April 15, 2014 03:19 PM PDT

Damian Lauderbach - Organic Soundsytem, AKsounds - Cleveland, OH

Damian has been seamlessly mixing Roots Dub, Dubstep, Ragga Jungle and Dubwize Drum and Bass since 2001, establishing himself as a technically obsessed DJ. Running multiple weeklies and one off events for just as long, he has been a key figure in keeping the Akron/Cleveland scene thriving and progressing. Damian has built an instinct for taking crowds through a deep, positive journey that will get your head thinking and your feet moving.


01. Blue Hill feat. Lutan Fyah - Get Out (Roommate & Ras Lion Remix)
02. Dubkind - Time Vibration
03. Rasper - Quallatie Master
04. ARtroniks - Inverse
05. Step-A-Side - Selecta Dub
06. Cybass & Sants - Mary Jane
07. ? - Tesla
08. ? - Vie
09. Rasper - Lack Rack
10. Geode & Promise One - Buck One
11. Dubkind - Champion Dub
12. Reds feat. Delhi Sultanate - Fever (Von D Dubstep Remix)
13. Tribe Steppaz - Conquera
14. Skitso - Bass Crave (1point5 Remix)
15. Bfresh - Remote
16. Blue Hill feat. Lutan Fyah - Get Out (Lost City JNGL Remix)
17. DJ Rap - Spiritual Aura (Mat the Alien 2014 Remix)
18. Spinscott - Blow My Mind
19. DLX, Calculon & Austin Speed - Coming Correct
20. EL RICHEE & Theo Tzu feat. Sizzla - Give Me A Try
21. 2Brainz - In The Darkness 93 (Abyss - Bound & Gagged In The Cellar Mix)
22. The Renegades - Searching
23. Tour De Force feat. Johnny Osbourne - Soundboy Prayer
24. Dubkind - Ragga Dub
25. Lost City - Run It (All Of MY Champion DJ's)
26. Capone - Soldier (Paulie Walnuts and GQEQ mix)
27. Paulie Walnuts - Surrender

April 01, 2014 02:41 PM PDT

Mark Roscoe - Soul:R Sound System, Contrive, Rubber City Promotions - Akron, OH

House head Mark Roscoe started perfecting his craft after his move to Akron, Ohio, back in 2006. He Quickly made his way into the scene by playing out at weekly events and opening up at large scale parties in the region. Since then, it has been a steady rise in popularity for the newcomer in the Northeast Ohio scene.

In 2010, he co-founded Soul:R Sound System Productions with StyluSoul, putting together the Rotate special events, the Generate weekly, and many one-off parties in Akron.

In 2012, Mark decided to branch out even further, working with Josh Gilliland and Justin Bailey to establish a new promotional company - Rubber City Promotions. They now showcase some of the finest House & Techno in Northeast Ohio with their monthly event, Contrive. When Mark Roscoe hits the decks he will always be laying down the hottest new tracks from the freshest names in house music today.


01. Gene Farris - Phoenix
02. Mikey V & Rudy Vega - Connection
03. Jem Atkins - Who's The Loser
04. Petrus - Homegrown
05. J. Lettow - Spring Jamz (Jonene's Sxsw Hot Mess of Disco Gloriousness Remix)
06. Tommy Largo - Deep Sea
07. Craig Hamilton - Downtown Groovin'
08. Ignacio Robles - Need Some Love
09. JR from Dallas & Thermo - Boneless Dancers
10. Pitch Ranger - Your Love
11. Gussy - Gangster Twist
12. Anhanguera & Alvaro Smart - Hype Hop
13. Demarkus Lewis - Poppin' Fresh (Junia's Industry Dub)
14. Ryan Truman - Acting (J's More Vibe Mix)
15. Serial Thrilla - Hands Up (Dub Mix)
16. Giano - Giano Vs The Spinners

March 15, 2014 07:23 AM PDT

Party Lips

Slo n' Low, Stem & Leaf Music - Cleveland, OH

Party Lips is a Cleveland, OH, based duo comprised of DJ/producers Jayme O'Brien and Jason Soditch. They are both founders and curators of the Slo n' Low parties, and also the musical minds behind the widely successful 'Remote Coordinates EP' on Stem & Leaf Records. Jayme and Jason focus on telling a story when they're on the decks, mining more specific ideas by weaving and layering sonic textures and rhythms. Their sound, while primarily dancefloor-driven, is often deep, melodic, spaced-out, and tinged with a subtle darkness that can be found lurking around the edges of the music.


01. Jullian Gomes feat. Bobby - Love Song 28 (Charles Webster Live Mix)
02. Mount Kimbie - Made To Stray (DJ Koze Remix)
03. The White Lamp - Ride with You
04. Audiofly feat. Jaw - Excuse My Wildness (Masomenos Remix)
05. Dave DK - Woolloomooloo
06. Michael Gracioppo feat. Wayne Tennant - Creep (Tale Of Us & Vaal Remix)
07. Mind Against - Avalon
08. Michael and Mattis - Hoes Before Bros (Genius Of Time remix)
09. Dead Heat - The Dam
10. Moritz Von Oswald Trio - Jam
11. Round Four feat. Paul St. Hilaire - Find A Way
12. Till Von Sein - Tilly's Jam
13. Skinnerbox - Pale

March 01, 2014 09:09 AM PST

Originally hatched in Cleveland, but currently based in Canton, Garet is establishing his mark within the NEO underground scene. His selection of provocative basslines, blended with flowing melodies, transcends beyond the dancefloor, uniting itself to the listener's soul. The year 2013 saw Garet playing Contrive, Slo-N-Lo, and PHYS:i:CAL, among other parties, alongside residencies at Kasai, the former weeklies Generate, BRRRN, and the new
Akron weekly, RPM. Well, we could go on & on, but why not just hit that play button, sit back, get comfy and get ready for a ride into the mind!


01. Alessio Mereu - Candle And Colours
02. NEVERM!ND - Lo4Lo (Nico Stojan Remix)
03. Ricky Ryan & Kosmas - Lost Angeles
04. Elekfantz - Diggin On You (Gui Boratto D.O.C. Mix)
05. Marc Depulse, Overnite, Hollis P Monroe - No Need To Worry (Fred Everything Lazy Dub)
06. Johan Vermeulen - Elevate
07. KSKY - Madness (Thierry Tomas Remix)
08. Nicolas Rada - Pipi
09. Lakosta - Anyway
10. Mario Aureo, Patryk Molinari - You
11. Ariane Blank - Don't Mess With The Tooth Fairy (Marc Poppcke Remix)
12. Vanessa Daou - Once In A While (Charles Webster's Midnight Mix)
13. Albena Flores - Camden (Qasebillo Remix)

February 15, 2014 08:21 AM PST

Dominic Howard, AKA Secret Sauce, is the cornerstone of Fresh Air Resources (F.A.R.). You may have seen him "dropping in" on national tours and house parties over the last decade in Northeast Ohio, most recently opening up for Roni Size. He's been a pivotal member of the Cleveland scene, involved in weeklies & recurring events such as in:verse, study:sessions, CEN::SAT::ION, BRRRN, Oscillate, PHYS:i:CAL, and more.

He's prepared a special mix for the (216)BASS podcast that includes a host of fresh beats and warm flavors to get you through these last few weeks of winter. Check out his latest sampling of the sophisticated sounds of Drum & Bass!


01. Soultec - I Hear You Knocking
02. Phat Playaz - Jazz Talk
03. Qumulus - Boulevard
04. Phat Playaz - Don't Believe the Hype
05. Kalum - Low Ridin'
06. Phat Playaz - CatWalk
07. Tango - Spellbound (Paul SG remix)
08. Satl - Signature
09. Mr. Joseph - Don't Stop the Rock
10. Shield & 2Stars - Nordic Herb
11. Frankee - Flintstone
12. B Cloud - Trance Mission
13. Logistics - Endurance
14. Dave Owen & Dioptrics - Silence
15. Mr. Joseph - Necessary
16. Cutworks & Igor Dorohov- Spiritual
17. Flatliners - Dub Tune
18. ICR - Sweet Smell Syringa

February 01, 2014 11:13 AM PST

The Funk Detective has manipulated many forms of minimal and techno for the past 15 years. He has bumped beats at events with some of the world’s most prominent DJ’s and producers (3 Channels, Dan Bell, Someone Else, Miskate, DJ Swamp, Worthy, Derek Plaslaiko, Smash TV, and Lee Curtis, to name a few). His extreme love and appreciation for the music has kept him on the cusp of what is the newest and greatest in funky, deep, and trippy goodness. Gracing the (216)BASS podcast is just another notch in his belt. Prepare yourself for thick and rhythmic melodies, with swallowing basslines!


01. Arthur Oskan feat. Jesse Somfay - Sentimental
02. Mode B - Zentrum
03. PHM - Etoile Mourant
04. James Talk & Android Cartel - Mafumi
05. Victor Ruiz & Alex Stein - Thoughts
06. Fuzzion - Frog On The Run (Extrawelt Remix)
07. Insect Elektrika - Fried Hair
08. Miro Pajic - Bubble Drama
09. Sol & Sample - Mandible
10. Sebastian Radlmeier - Is It Me Or Is It You (Carlo Lio Remix)
11. Sol & Sample , Transparentman - Choking
12. Daniel Sanchez - Airplay (Tripmastaz Remix)
13. Skinnerbox - Ment To Bend

January 15, 2014 03:34 PM PST

JQUEST has been known for his chilled, sensual bass music in the Cleveland scene since around 2008. He made his mark as a DJ at the legendary Study:Sessions weekly and on the (216)BASS initial Ustream broadcasts. He's shared a residency at SUB:Merged, Cleveland's original bass music monthly, and has opened for some of his heroes, including Om Unit, Calculon, Tes La Rok, Ginz, Phantom 45, Submorphics, Jason Burns, Still Life, and others. JQUEST prides himself in being a role-playing DJ, whether he's opening the night to set the tone and get the crowd warmed up, or bringing the fire for peak-hour time slots. JQUEST's diverse selection of music ranges from sensual bass music, to dubstep, trap, juke, drum and bass, downtempo, underground hip hop - even house and techy 4/4 genres. He holds it down and keep the vibes flowing. JQUEST is a part of Fresh Air Resources, the event production group based out of Cleveland, as well as Drama Free Promotions in Youngstown. Whether it's making flyers, VJ'ing, taking photos at events, or simply dancing, JQUEST consistently does whatever he can to make the nightlife experience in northeast Ohio something memorable.


01. PADYBU - Herb Smoke
02. TVB - Liquid Story
03. Moonbeamz feat. Moondoctor & FreshtillDef – Heavee
05. Nangdo - Ecscapade
06. Esta - Baddie$
07. EQ Why - In The Ghetto Rmx
08. Dub Phizix - Marka (Crypticz Bootleg)
09. Doctor Jeep - Half Life
10. Moresounds - Flocon (House of Black Lanterns Remix)
11. Amoss - The Kirbis
12. Ezekiel - Short Shorts (Branko from Buraka Som Sistema Remix)
13. Jungle Tekno – Toofer Refoot
14. MoonDoctoR & FreshtillDef - Drop It
15. Omni Trio - Trippin' on Broken Beats
16. Kije - Violet Ray
17. Vandera - India Joya (DnB Remix)
18. Zatox - Opera (Young Mv$h Trap Bootleg)
19. Hesk and Nadus - You Bout It
20. Hardwood Classics – Chocolate Covered Diamonds
21. JDULTRASLICK - Dreaming of a White Sprite
22. Kid Cudi - Marijuana (MoonDoctor x FreshtillDef Remix)
23. Mack Blajik - Money
24. MoonDoctoR & FreshtillDef - Gettin Paid
25. Desto - Bonus Cave
26. ATLASt - Harry Steppenwolf

January 01, 2014 09:00 AM PST

Encyclopedia Brown has been a staple in the Cleveland House music scene for over a decade. Recently, he has teamed up with the legendary Doug Burkhart and DJ Nox to form the premiere House music trio in the region, Lo_Tek Jackers. Showcasing the smoothest sounds in House music, he plays on the chords of your soul, uniting dancefloors as "One nation, under a Groove". Blending funky and jazzy sounds is his specialty.


01. Kerri Chandler - Mommy, What's A Record?
02. The Joy - Jay West
03. Ejeca - Different Rules
04. Da Sunlounge - Rock Da Disco (David Duriez Remix)
05. Mark Farina - Dream Machine (DJ Fluid Remix)
06. Orlando B - Back To Basics
07. Fred Everything & JT Donaldson feat. Aima the Dreamer - Memories
08. Vernon & DaCosta feat. Ingrid Hakanson - A Part Of Mine (Troydon's Digital Mind Remix)
09. Freak Sensation - Sweet & Simple
10. Jamiroquai - Alright (Tee's In House Remix)
11. Doug Willis - Don't Want You Back (J. Paul Getto's Doesn't Want Anything To Do With You Anymore Remix)
12. Freak Sensation - Step Into Our Life
13. Stephen "Sleepy C" Cinch - Early Morning Groove

December 15, 2013 03:02 PM PST

Meghan has been DJing since the Autumn of 1999, and plays multiple genres such as Psytrance, Chill-out, Techno (minimal to hard) and Tech House on multiple formats.

From a very young age, Meghan has had musical passion in her blood, learning to play a variety of instruments such as piano, woodwinds and percussion.

Meghan's diverse style, coupled with her solid mixing ability, combined with both indoor and outdoor event experience, ensures that she is certainly a DJ who is rising steadily to the forefront of the USA Psytrance scene.

Meghan is heavily involved with the 3rd Eye Squeegee crew in the USA, and is also involved with providing mixes for various channels on that are aired regularly.

Meghan joined Psylicious in 2007 as a DJ on their roster, and is also involved with Psylicious bookings in the USA as an agent.

Through, Meghan has gained a worldwide fan base. She has performed in Canada, as well as countless events across the USA.

Meghan's flexible ability, and energy behind the decks, is sure to strike a chord with all dance floors and listeners.


01. Alec Chizhik & Markus Mehta - Chaos Theory (Rino Cerrone Remix)
02. Sian - Byzantine Conduit (Jonas Kopp Raw Mix)
03. Adam Beyer & Joseph Capriati - Family Matters
04. Arp McDaw - Step Inside (Fivetone Remix)
05. Carl Cox - Avenger (Joel Mull Devil's Cave Mix)
06. Axel Karakasis - Do It Properly
07. Maetrik - Choose You System (Adam Beyer Remix)
08. Ivan Di Gennaro - C-Usim (Gaga Remix)
09. D-Deck - Vikersund (Gaga Remix)
10. Juan Sanchez - Pawn Wanna Be Queen
11. Raphael Dincsoy & Pierre Deutschmann - AWG-50 (Cari Lekebusch Custom Mod Mix)
12. Sasha Carassi & Mikael Jonasson - Void (Macromism Remix)
13. Bodyscrub - Substance (Kalden Bess Remix)
14. Gayle San - The Porter

December 01, 2013 09:21 AM PST

Class 6 has been a staple of the Northeast Ohio Drum and Bass scene since 2000, when he began DJing events in his home town of Akron, Ohio. Originally known as the DJ Mike B, he became known for his impeccable mixing skills and diverse track selection. Class 6 quickly gained a reputation as one of the best Drum and Bass DJ's in the Northeast
Ohio area. In recent years, he has begun producing his own music and branching out, DJing sets of Bass Music and House in addition to Drum and Bass.


01. Brian McKnight- Stay or Let It Go (Sabre Remix)
02. Reza- Unknown Feelings
03. Stealth- Deep Inside
04. Doc Scott- Drumz 95 (Nasty Habits remix)
05. Bladerunner- Run for Cover
06. Dub Phizix & Skeptical- Rags
07. Amoss- Rah Rah
08. Critical Impact- Only Girl
09. Calyx & Teebee- Hurting
10. Alix Perez- The Observer
11. Hybris- Those People
12. Dawn Day Night- Higher Plains
13. Noisia- Silicon
14. Quadrant, Kid Hops & Iris- Borealis
15. Dementia & Cain Mos - Never Afraid
16. Ulterior Motive & Krakota- Minesweeper
17. Cern & Nymfo - Desert Heat
18. Sabre, Stray & Halogenix - St. Clair
19. Hybris - Losing It
20. Mutated Forms - Look What You Have Done
21. Ulterior Motive feat. Peta Oneir - Forgiven
22. Ed Rush & Nico - Guncheck
23. Synkro - Seems Like

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